Arak is a city located in central Iran. It is the capital of Markazi Province and serves as an important industrial and transportation hub in the region.

1.     Location

Arak is situated approximately 260 kilometers southwest of Tehran, the capital of Iran. It lies on the foothills of the Zagros Mountains and is surrounded by picturesque landscapes.


2.     Industrial Center

Arak is known for its industrial sector with a focus on petrochemicals, steel production and oil refining. The city houses several large industrial complexes and factories, contributing significantly to Iran's economy.


3.     Arak Refinery

The Arak Refinery is one of the major oil refineries in Iran. It plays a crucial role in processing and refining crude oil, producing various petroleum products that cater to domestic and international markets.


4.     Transportation Hub

Arak is well-connected by road and rail networks, making it a transportation hub in central Iran. It lies on the Tehran-Isfahan highway and is also served by a railway line that facilitates the movement of goods and passengers.


5.     Arak University

The city is home to Arak University, a prominent educational institution that offers a wide range of academic programs. The university provides opportunities for higher education and research in various fields which donate to the intellectual development of the region.


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6.     Natural Beauty

Arak is surrounded by natural beauty including mountains, forests and rivers. The nearby Karkas Mountain Range offers opportunities for hiking and mountaineering while the rivers and valleys provide scenic landscapes for nature enthusiasts.


7.     Arak Dam

Arak is home to the Arak Dam (also known as the Amir Kabir Dam) which is a significant water management and hydroelectric power generation project. The dam regulates the flow of the Karun River and delivers electricity to the region.


8.     Arak Historical Sites

The city of Arak has a rich history and there are several historical sites that reflect its cultural heritage. The Qajar-era Amir Kabir Palace (located near the dam) is a notable historical attraction in the city.


9.     Arak Bazaar

The Arak Bazaar is a bustling marketplace where visitors can explore a variety of goods including traditional handicrafts, clothing, spices and fresh produce. It offers a glimpse into the local culture and runs an opportunity to purchase souvenirs.


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10.                         Arak Cuisine

Arak has its own regional cuisine which includes a variety of dishes that are popular in central Iran. Some notable local specialties include "Dizi" (a meat and bean stew) and "Tireh Shami" a traditional rice dish. Exploring the local cuisine is a must-do for food enthusiasts visiting the city.




11.                         Arak Petrochemical Complex

Arak is home to a major petrochemical complex (known as the Arak Petrochemical Complex). It plays a significant role in Iran's petrochemical industry, producing a wide range of petrochemical products used in various sectors such as plastics, textiles and detergents.


12.                         Arak Steel Complex

The city is also known for its steel industry. The Arak Steel Complex is one of the largest steel producers in Iran. It specializes in the production of different types of steel products including sheets, coils and rebar which subsidizing to the country's infrastructure and construction projects.


13.                         Arak Nuclear Reactor

Located near Arak, there is a heavy water nuclear reactor known as the Arak Nuclear Reactor. It is a research reactor primarily used for scientific and medical purposes such as producing isotopes for medical treatments and conducting nuclear research.


14.                         Arak Technical College

Arak is home to Arak Technical College, an institution that offers vocational and technical education in various fields. The college offers training programs and courses that equip students with practical skills and knowledge which help them to enter the workforce with specialized expertise.


15.                         Arak Grand Mosque

The city features the Arak Grand Mosque, a significant religious and architectural landmark. The mosque showcases beautiful Islamic architectural elements including intricate tile work, domes and minarets. It serves as a place of worship and a center for community gatherings.


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16.                         Arak Cultural Center

Arak boasts a cultural center that hosts various artistic and cultural events. The center promotes local artists, organizes exhibitions, concerts and theater performances that run a platform for cultural expression and fostering creativity in the community.


17.                         Arak Sports Complex

The city has a sports complex that includes stadiums, indoor arenas and sports facilities. It serves as a venue for sporting events including football matches and athletics competitions. The complex also offers recreational activities and training facilities for athletes.


18.                         Arak Handicrafts

Arak is known for its traditional handicrafts including pottery and ceramics. Skilled artisans create exquisite pottery items using traditional techniques and decorative motifs. Guests can explore workshops and markets to witness the craftsmanship and purchase unique handmade ceramics.


19.                         Arak Parks and Gardens

Arak features several parks and gardens where residents and friends can relax and enjoy nature. Meydan-e Valiasr Park is a popular green space with walking paths, playgrounds and recreational areas. These parks provide a serene environment for outdoor activities and family outings.


20.                         Arak Festivals

Arak hosts various festivals and cultural events throughout the year. One of the notable festivals is the Arak National Industrial Exhibition which showcases industrial products, technologies and innovations. The festival promotes economic development and highlights the industrial achievements of the region.


21.                         Arak Historical Bridges

Arak is home to several historical bridges that hold architectural and historical significance. One notable bridge is the Pol-e Amir Kabir (Amir Kabir Bridge), a stone bridge constructed during the Qajar era. It spans the Karun River and offers picturesque views of the surrounding landscape.


Arak Architecture


22.                         Arak Textile Industry

Arak has a thriving textile industry with numerous textile factories and workshops. The city is known for producing a variety of textiles including fabrics, carpets and rugs. The textile industry plays a vital role in the local economy and affords employment opportunities.


23.                         Arak Traditional Music

Arak has a rich musical heritage and traditional music forms an integral part of its culture. The city has a strong tradition of folk music featuring instruments such as the tar (stringed instrument), santur (hammered dulcimer) and daf (frame drum). Traditional music performances can be enjoyed during cultural events and festivals.


24.                         Arak Contemporary Art

Arak has a growing contemporary art scene with local artists showcasing their works in galleries and exhibitions. The city's art community explores various mediums including painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media. Art enthusiasts can visit galleries to appreciate the creativity and talent of Arak's contemporary artists.


25.                         Arak Handicrafts Bazaar

The Handicrafts Bazaar in Arak is a vibrant marketplace where local artisans display and sell their traditional crafts. Callers can find a wide range of handmade products including textiles, carpets, pottery, woodwork and metalwork. It's a great place to purchase authentic souvenirs and support local artisans.


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26.                         Arak Traditional Clothing

Arak has its own traditional clothing styles that reflect the local culture and heritage. Traditional garments for both men and women often feature colorful patterns, tricky embroidery and unique designs. Traditional clothing can be witnessed during cultural events or in specialized shops that offer traditional attire.


27.                         Arak Ceremonies and Celebrations

Arak celebrates various cultural and religious ceremonies throughout the year. Festivals such as Nowruz (Persian New Year) and Eid al-Fitr are joyously observed, accompanied by music, dancing and feasting. These celebrations provide an opportunity to experience the local traditions and customs.


28.                         Arak Handball

Arak has a strong handball culture with enthusiastic players and teams. Handball matches and tournaments are held in sports complexes and stadiums, attracting both participants and spectators. The sport contributes to the city's sports scene and fosters a sense of community engagement.


29.                         Arak Traditional Cuisine

Arak offers a diverse range of traditional cuisine, influenced by the local flavors and culinary traditions of Iran. Some popular dishes include "Gheyme Nesar" a stew made with meat, beans and saffron, and "Khorak-e Karafs" a celery-based stew. Exploring the local cuisine allows peoples to indulge in exclusive flavors and gastronomic experiences.


30.                         Arak Natural Springs

The region surrounding Arak is known for its natural springs which are believed to have therapeutic properties. These mineral-rich springs attract guests who are seeking relaxation and wellness. Some popular natural springs near Arak include Abgarm Mineral Spring and Sarcheshmeh Spa.

31.                         Arak Museums

Arak is home to several museums that offer insights into the region's history, art and culture. The Markazi Museum showcases archaeological artifacts, traditional crafts and historical documents. The Museum of Contemporary Art features modern and contemporary artworks by Iranian and international artists.


32.                         Arak Pottery

Arak is renowned for its pottery production, particularly the traditional blue and white ceramics. Skilled artisans create exquisite pottery items adorned with difficult patterns and designs. Companions can witness the pottery-making process and even participate in workshops to learn the art of pottery.


Arak Bazar


33.                         Arak Handicrafts Village

Near Arak, there is a handicrafts village called "Khorheh." It is a designated area where artisans and craftsmen gather to produce and showcase their traditional handicrafts. The village offers an exceptional opportunity to observe the craftsmanship firsthand and purchase authentic handmade products.


34.                         Arak Traditional Festivities

Arak celebrates various traditional festivities that are deeply rooted in the local culture. One such celebration is the "Chaharshanbe Suri" or "Red Wednesday" festival which takes place on the last Wednesday before Nowruz (Persian New Year). It involves bonfires, fireworks and people jumping over the flames to welcome the New Year.


35.                         Arak Mountain Climbing

The surrounding Zagros Mountains deliver ample opportunities for mountain climbing and hiking. Adventurous enthusiasts can explore the scenic mountain trails, conquer peaks and enjoy breathtaking views of the landscape. Mount Karkas (located near Arak) is a popular destination for mountain climbers.


36.                         Arak Traditional Crafts Workshops

Arak is home to numerous traditional crafts workshops where invitees can witness artisans creating intricate crafts. These workshops offer a hands-on experience that allows callers to learn traditional techniques such as carpet weaving, calligraphy and wood carving.


37.                         Arak Traditional Music Instruments

Arak has a rich musical heritage and traditional musical instruments play a vital role in its music culture. Instruments such as the santur (hammered dulcimer), tar (stringed instrument) and kamancheh (spike fiddle) are commonly used in traditional music performances.


38.                         Arak Carpet Weaving

Arak is known for its carpet weaving industry. The city produces high-quality carpets with convoluted designs and patterns. Visitors can explore carpet weaving workshops and witness the meticulous process of creating these handwoven masterpieces.


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39.                         Arak Cherry Orchards

The region around Arak is famous for its cherry orchards. During the cherry season which typically falls in late spring and early summer, guests can enjoy picking fresh cherries and tasting the delicious and sweet fruit.


40.                         Arak Traditional Dances

Arak has its own traditional dances which are performed during cultural events and celebrations. One such dance is the "Chubi" dance that characterized by lively footwork and rhythmic movements. Traditional dance performances offer a glimpse into the local artistic expressions.


These additional details shed light on Arak's museums, pottery production, handicrafts village, traditional festivities, mountain climbing opportunities, workshops, traditional music instruments, carpet weaving, cherry orchards and traditional dances. Arak offers a rich tapestry of cultural experiences, allowing companions to immerse themselves in the city's traditions, arts and natural beauty.

These points run an overview of Arak that highlight its industrial significance, transportation infrastructure, educational institutions, natural beauty, historical sites and culinary offerings. Whether it's exploring its industrial landscape, enjoying the surrounding nature or immersing in the local culture, Arak offers a distinct experience for people.

They highlight various aspects of Arak including its industrial complexes, educational institutions, cultural landmarks, sports facilities, traditional crafts and recreational spaces. Whether it's exploring the city's industrial prowess, immersing in cultural activities or enjoying the natural surroundings, Arak offers a diverse range of experiences for companions to discover.

These deliver further insights into Arak's cultural offerings including its historical bridges, textile industry, traditional music, contemporary art, handicrafts, traditional clothing, ceremonies, sports, cuisine and natural springs. Arak presents a blend of tradition and modernity that present a diverse range of experiences for friends to explore and enjoy.


Translator: Saman Sayah


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سایر مطالب در معرفی شهرها و محلات

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اغلب بانک‌‌ها به نهضت ملی مسکن، تسهیلات نمی‌دهند / برخی متقاضیان به دلیل اقساط سنگین، انصراف داده‌اند

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التهابات بازار اجاره مسکن سال 1403 نیز تکرار می‌شود

کارشناسان پیش‌بینی می‌کنند، اجاره‌بها با توجه به افق دید افزایشی قیمت مسکن در سال 1403، روندی افزایشی را طی می‌کند و در نتیجه امسال نیز برای مستاجران سال سختی را رقم خواهد زد.

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پیش‌بینی بازار مسکن و قیمت ها در آینده

بازار مسکن در ایران همواره یکی از مهم‌ترین و پویاترین بخش‌های اقتصاد کشور بوده است. این بازار در سال‌های اخیر با نوسانات و چالش‌های متعددی روبرو بوده که بر زندگی میلیون‌ها نفر از مردم ایران تاثیر گذاش

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